Each step, solid foundation for oversea market




As the first and leading powder coating resins exporter, Fenglin has been in the market for 20 years. Each step of Fenglin buid a solid foundation for its oversea market.


In end of September, Fenglin took a strategic step in Europe and Middle East- 20 days customer visiting and attending 2018 ICPP Iran Coat Show.The business trip scored great success and build solid foundation for 2018 in Europe and Middle East.





TGIC 93/7 FL-2006 excellent flow

A new generation of excellent flow powder coating resins Maple@ FL-2006 has been launched and commerialized globally by Fenglin.



TGIC 93/7 FL-2005 cost effective

Fenglin launched and commercialized a new TGIC based 93/7 resin, which is designed for general industry application. The main features of FL-2005 are high TG, excellent mechanical, good surface& comprehensive properties and maximum of cost effective. It could be widely used in general industry field.



WIN-WIN!The China Coat 2017 Has Been Perfectly Ended

Yantai Fenglin Advanced Materials attended the China Coat 2017 in Shanghai since Nov.15 to 17 with a complete success!